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​How to install IPTV subscription:

-Internet access must be at least 4 Mbps

-Look for the type of your device here and read the explanation to turn on the device 

-Contact us for trial (no trials during important matches)

-You pay the subscription fee and send us a copy of the payment receipt 

-Receive the subscription with the technical support number immediately after payment

As for devices, all the following devices are available for operation


- Receivers which have the characteristic of IPTV such as receiver Truman - Super receiver X - receiver Astra - Rotana receiver - Reseller StarT - RoyalTec - BlueStar - Recruiter Drake - Tiger - Recruiting Enigma 2 - Dreambox - Premiere - Spark and others give you the software and then a trial file 12 hours then subscription

Each type of receiver should have a modern file and a specific input method

After paying the subscription we send you the file with a full explanation of the input method


Second: Laptops and Computers:

Iptv arabic on Laptop and PC CLICK HERE

Third: Android  ( click here )- Tablet - iPhone - iPad - TV Smart - Android Box - Flash Alvair Steak:              

- Iptv arabic on (Android apk - tablet - iPhone -  Fire tv stick  - iPad smart tv)

IPtv is downloaded from the host and we send you a m3u file or url list

- For Smart screens provide us with the MacAdress or code and we will install for you

For the Android

Forth: MAG250 - MAG254 - MAG255 - MAG260

Give us the Mac ID and we will give you the portal link 12 hours free trial.

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